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The Official Web Site of the British Monarchy

This web site provides information on the work of The Queen in modern society, biographies of the Royal Family, a history of kings and queens through the ages, background on Royal residences, art collections, and coverage of recent Royal events. [Click Here To Visit]


The BBC provides a wide range of distinctive programs and services for everyone, free of commercial interests and political bias. They include television, radio, national, local, children’s’, educational, language and other services for key interest groups. BBC services are hugely popular and used by over 90% of the UK population every week. [Click Here To Visit]

The Guardian Newspaper

One of the very best daily newspapers on the Internet, is the Guardian Unlimited, the online presence of The Guardian, which was founded in 1821 and has a long history of editorial and political independence. [Click Here To Visit]

The British Weekly

The British Weekly provides news from Britain, and local issues as well, and has primarily served the Los Angeles and Orange County British communities since 1984, with subscribers in every state in America, plus overseas. [Click Here To Visit]

The Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror is “The Best Newspaper on the Web”, is the online edition of The Daily Mirror, Britain’s brightest tabloid newspaper, providing exclusive news, show biz, sport from the paper, and breaking stories as they happen. [Click Here To Visit]

The Irish News

The Irish News in was founded in 1891. Today the Irish News is the only independently owned daily newspaper in the north of Ireland. Voted IPR Newspaper of the Year. [Click Here To Visit]

The British American Business Council

The British American Business Council Los Angeles is a nonprofit and nonpolitical organization that was incorporated in 1958, that promotes friendship, trade and investment by supporting economic growth between the United States and the United Kingdom. [Click Here To Visit]