Since 1965

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The Mayflower Club is a British-American Social and Networking Club, that was founded in 1965 by Co-founders, Pat and Frank Jackson, Trustees, and Eileen & Tom Selby. The Club served as a gathering place for British expatriates living in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding area’s, to meet and have fun in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual support. Nowadays, all others are Welcome. The predominantly English clientele of the early years has now evolved to include participants from many other cultural backgrounds, and those that simply enjoy good company and “things British”.

The Mayflower Club is a non-profit organization that organizes many entertaining events and activities on a regular basis such as parties, dances, banquets, balls, social nights, stage shows, bridge & whist card games, pub nights, special holiday events and an annual (very) British Pantomime (A very funny stage show, which is not in mime, that appeals to kids and adults alike).

The Mayflower Club is one of the oldest and largest British clubs of its kind, in California, and membership is open to anyone.